Now is not the time to turn back the clock and allow more pollutants into our Garden State.

New Jersey is the Garden State for a reason – and the people of New Jersey are proud of how clean and green investments have propelled our energy sources towards the future.

Closing nuclear plants would be a huge step backward, increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 million tons a year, equal to adding 3 million more cars to the road.

Nuclear is the key to New Jersey’s clean energy future.

Nuclear currently provides more than 90% of New Jersey’s carbon-free electricity.

The only way to keep our Garden State clean and green is to continue to invest in carbon-free energy like nuclear, wind and solar. 

The future of clean energy is alive and thriving in the Garden State, providing carbon-free power to our families. Now, it’s time for New Jersey to renew its commitment to clean energy so that we don’t turn back on the progress we have made.